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Prayer Meetings

Prayer Meeting

Prayer Meetings

Our prayer meetings are a time when we gather to seek God together for our lives, community and the world as we pray into situations. We strongly desire to allow the Holy Spirit to speak and motivate us in prayer to “fill us up and send us out!” Prayer is a really important part of what we do here at New Life.

We meet as a Church family for prayer on the first Wednesday night of each month. The location may change from time to time, if you send an email to admin@newlifenewmilton.org.uk they will be able to tell you were we are meeting that month.


Church Office

New Life Christian Centre
34 Gore Road
New Milton
BH25 6RZ
Tel: 01425 616035
Email: admin@newlifenewmilton.org.uk

Sunday Meetings

New Milton Memorial Centre
Whitefield Road
New Milton
BH25 6DE

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